Strength Warmup: 20 AMRAP @ building intensity

1:00 bike at 63-55rpms AB or 75/65 C2

100' single arm overhead DB carry (50R/50L)

1:00 UB dbl KB front rack hold (men build to 53s, women to 35s)

100' crawl (50' bear crawl/50' crab walk w/hips up)

1:00 weighted elbow plank (only add weight if you can do UB)

50' sled push

Conditioning: every 6:00 x 5 rounds

400m run

30 air squats

20 single arm DB thrusters (10R then 10L) 50/35#s

10 single arm DB devils press (alternate every rep on the way down to floor)

*scale to appropriate weight to finish in 4:30-5:00 max

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