Warm-up: 10:00 Amrap

:30 Bike + 5/5 TGU Situps + 5 Light Bench Press + 20 Plank Shoulder taps

Strength: Bench Press (15:00)

3x3 @90% of heavy 5 (or 5-15 lbs heavier than last week)

*all reps 1-2 pause on chest

2xMax reps @80-85% of above weight

*goal is to get 8-15 reps each set

Conditioning: 2:00 On 1:00 off for 6 Rounds


Man Makers (50/35s, no thruster, just C+J)

*20 STOH B/T each set of MM

Max Wall Walks in remaining time

**Get as far on 10/20/8/20/6/20/4/20/2 as you can each 2:00, picking up where you left off each round until completion, then complete max wall walks

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