A) For time

60 DB STOH (Sub 40 R then 40 L if only one DB)

50 Push Ups

40 T2B/V-ups(feet stay off ground)

*Every time you break perform 10 Burpees

**Breaking includes:

-DBs out of front rack/below shoulder height

-Resting on ground in pushups or out of good plank position (no piking)

-Coming off bar for t2b - feet touching ground for v-ups

B) 4 x 2:30 ON 1:30 OFF

20 Box Jump Overs (object jump overs)

20 Split Squat Jumps (sub jump squats - no reverse lunges)

Max Double Unders in remaining time (sub singles)

NOTE: If you do not have Double Unders yet and you have a rope available, there’s no excuse you shouldn’t have them come May - PRACTICE

C) 3 Sets For Completion

Max Set of Pullups (sub bodyweight rows)

Max Deadhang

Max DBs/BB Curls

Max DBs/BB Farmer Hold

*Rest 2-3 Minutes between efforts

**Pullups/Deadhang should be done together without coming off the bar - go straight into curls and straight into Farmer Hold w/o setting DBs/BB down

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