Warm-up: 10:00

Dynamic + 2 Rds: 15 Tempo Ring Rows + 10/10 KB/DB Suitcase DL + 5 Heavy RKbs

Strength: 20:00 Amrap

5 Deadlifts (TnG or Accumulated)

30’/30’ Lateral Banded Walk

5 Strict Pullups (weighted/banded if necessary)

200’ Farmer Carry

*As difficult/heavy as possible by last round, should be doing singles on deadlifts and Pullups by that point

Conditioning: 16:00 Partner Amrap

“YouGoIGo Full Rds”

A) 4-3-2-1 of Dkb Complex

Swings + Cleans + Alternating Push Press (per side)

B) 400/300m Row

*P1 does A, P2 does A, P1 does B, P2 does B, then start back over

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