Warmup: 10 minutes

dynamic + 3 rounds of 10 russian kbs and 10 squats

Strength: at a sustained pace 15 AMRAP, work on technique and strength

1 LL rope climb or 1 rope climb or 5 rope walks

SA overhead KB carry 200' (down/back right down/back left)

:15 star plank each side

10 DB front squats (men 35s to 70s, women 25s to 50s, increase each round)

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time (15:00 cap)

10 TTB (if you don't have consistent TTB sub 15 sit-ups)

5 lateral burpees

10 pistols alt r/l each rep (if you don't have pistols sub 10 goblet squats 53/35#)

3 power cleans + 3 shoulder to overhead 135/95# (pick a challenging weight you can go UB)

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