Warmup: 10 minutes

21-15-9 calorie bike + situp + BB push press

Skill Conditioning: 12 EMOM

E - 12/8 calorie bike (steady pace, don't sprint...men 63-65rpm/women 53-55rpm)

O - hspus 8-15 reps (if you cannot do at least 8 reps then scale to 15 shoulder taps or :40 hs hold)

Conditioning: 20:00 cap w/ a partner (1 group of 3 if odd number)

150 wall balls 20/14# to 10/9'

75/60 calorie bike (if all bike used then row, but bikes are first option)

50 hang power cleans 135/95#

25 thrusters (scale weight from hpc if you need to but should be same weight as hpc)

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