Warmup: 15 minutes (NFT)

4 rounds

10 medball rotational slams (14#)

15/10 calorie bike

100' crawl (50 bear crawl/50 crab walk)

:20 chin-up hold (sub ring row hold)

Conditioning: 3:00 AMRAPs w/ 3:00 rest between (partner up, share equipment, alt 3:00)

1) 400m run

16 DB snatches 50/35# alt. R/L arms each rep

max calorie bike (if no bikes, row but bike first)

2) 200m run

12 DB hang clean and jerks 50/35# (6r/6l)

max wall balls 20/14# to 10/9'

3) 200m run

20 barbell thrusters 75/55#

max lateral burpees over bar

4) 20/15 bike calories (bike first, row if no bike)

30 split jumps

max TTB remaining time (sub knee raises)

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