Warmup: 10 minutes

1:30 row/bike and 1:30 run laps

overhead warmup w/ pvc pipe and empty barbell

Strength Test: 20 minutes

you have 2 options today...

1) find a max snatch, can be power or full squat but must be from the floor in one motion overhead

2) overhead squat max, take barbell from the rack position (if you are snatching use the middle of the floor, if you are OHS use the platforms)

Conditioning Test: 5 rounds for time (12:00 cap)

15 ohs 95/65# (sub front squat 115/80# if you don't have the mobility to perform an ohs, option 1 would be to scale the # of the OHS before you scale the movement to fs)

15 bar facing burpees (open standard, 2 feet jump back, 2 feet jump forward together, 2 foot jump and landing over bar)

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