Warmup: 10 minutes

1:30 row/bike and 1:30 run laps

3 rounds: 5 pushups/5 ring rows/2 wall walks/5 calories

Skill Test: 8:00 cap

50 hspus for time (open standards..a coach will help measure/draw your line)

both heels must start above the line when you kick up and finish above the line again with your elbows locked out for a good rep

if you cannot perform hspus, spend the time working on hs holds/wall walks, scaled strict hspus and scaled kipping hspus

*you will partner up and judge/count each others reps

*if you finish, note the time, if not, note total reps completed

Conditioning: every 4:00 for 4 rounds

:30 bike sprint (get in groups of 2-4 people and go emom in a rotation, always getting 3:30 of rest between sprints

*this should be 100% all out effort...if you do this correctly 3:30 of rest between sets will not seem like enough...if you get off the bike and feel okay, you didn't go hard enough..SPRINT

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