Warmup: 10 minutes

partner Rowling x 10 rounds (burpee and American kbs penalty for every meter +-)

Skill Conditioning: every 1:30 x 10 rounds (5 each) alternate movements

1 - calorie row c-25/21 rx-17/13 (1:15 to finish work max)

2 - double unders c-75 unbroken rx-75 (scaled 1:00 practice)

*if not enough rowers.....bike same calories

Conditioning: 12 EMOM

1 - box jump overs 24/20" c-25 rx-20 (NO STEP OVERS, USE SHORTER BOX OR PLATES)

2 - rest

3 - burpees to 6" target (under rig) c-18 rx-12

4 - rest

*you have the entire minute to work, do not stop early unless you hit competitor reps for each movement*

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