*We are going to spend the next two weeks leading up to the open refining some of our skills and techniques for the movements that are most commonly seen in the CrossFit Games Open. These will include but are not limited to....hand stand pushups, toes to bar, pullups, double unders, muscle-ups, barbell cycling, etc...

Warmup: 10 minutes

1:30 row/bike and 1:30 run laps

AMRAP: 10 calories/10 BB strict press/5 ring rows/3 wall walks

Skill/Technique: 20 minutes

hand stand pushups - we will start by identifying where you are at in the progression from a basic hand stand hold to strict hspus to kipping hspus all the way thru deficit and parallete hspus

Conditioning: 16 EMOM

1 - hspus 10-20 hspus depending on your ability (sub hs holds or wall walks)

2 - rest

3 - db power cleans 50/35# - 12 reps

4 - rest

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