Warmup: 10 minutes

1:30 row/bike and 1:30 run laps

AMRAP: 8/5 calorie bike/10 jump squats/8 pushups/6 wall squats/:20 wall sit

Strength: 12 EMOM

E - 10 bodyweight backsquats (if you cannot perform these in under :45, scale weight accordingly)

O - rest

*if you share a bar, work together to change weight and alternate minutes

Conditioning:  5 rounds, every 3:00 complete

10 clean and jerks c-155/115# rx-115/75# 

10 front rack reverse lunges, in place, alternate r/l

10 hand release pushups

*if you cannot finish in under 2:30, scale reps to 8/8/8 or 6/6/6, whatever you need to be done in 2:30 each round so you have some rest

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