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Current Schedule Summer 2018


Monday-Friday: 5:15am/9am/5pm/6pm (NO FRIDAY 6PM) 


Monday-Friday: 3:30-5:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am-10:00am

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Please do not be apprehensive or intimidated to try CrossFit. If you are thinking about trying CrossFit for the first time you may have researched it on the web or watched videos on YouTube and thought to yourself that you may not be able to perform some of the movements or even know what they are...that's okay. At CrossFit Fond du Lac we stress technique and take the time to teach EVERYONE the movements. If a specific weight or movement is scheduled for the day and you cannot complete that movement we will scale or modify the movement so that you can complete it. For example, if you cannot perform a strict pullup we can add a band to the pullup bar, depending on how much assistance you need, so that you can complete the specified amount of reps in the workout. 

We also take time at the beginning of class, before the workout, to review the movements in that workout and to make sure everyone is aware of the movement standards for the day. There are also days when we solely teach technique for a specific movement for the first 10-15 minutes of class.

So if you are on the fence and not completely confident about your current fitness level or knowledge of the movements please understand that you have nothing to worry about. We want to see everyone succeed and reach their goals! We have people in class that range from HS athletes to grandmothers.


2x per week up to 8 classes a month = $100 ($50 for HS/College students)

3x per week up to 12 classes a month = $120 ($62.50 for HS/College students)

Unlimited classes per week a month = $135 ($75 for HS/College students)

Drop in fee = $15 per class

Traveling CrossFitters = $10 per drop-in

Personal Training/Sports Performance Training = Available from 7-11am and 1-4pm daily. Contact CFFDL for pricing. Parent/Child and Teams or Small Groups welcome.

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